#SupplierSpotlight – Week 5 | January 11, 2022

As a new year begins, we restart our #SupplierSpotlight Series and do so by highlighting our supplier for LED lighting systems, sensors, and specialty equipment: IES Elektronikentwicklung (IES). Led by world renowned innovator, Dr. Ulrich Bahr, IES focuses on the development and construction of special equipment commonly used in safety testing. IES offers a wide range of solutions including “plug-and-play” LED lights (4438), full-scale LED lighting systems (4432), tilt sensors (1402) and temperature loggers (1404), as well as unique equipment like velocity measurement systems (2201) and airbag squib timers (3400A).

Sensors: Established in the early 2000’s, IES’ initial focus was on innovative sensors including the 1402 tilt sensor and 1404 temperature/humidity logger, which have since become industry standard sensors primarily used in crash test dummies. IES also has the capability to bundle up to (8) tilt sensors and (1) temperature/humidity logger into a miniature, ruggedized hub in the crash test dummy that connects to a tablet via a single cable. Over the years, IES has further developed their sensor technology and now offer the popular 2098 belt movement sensor, single and multi-axis angular rate sensors, current clamps, and unique sensors like the 1501 door force sensor, 1502 belt buckle sensor, and the 1541 ES2 rib pressure sensor.

LED Lights: In recent years, IES has used their technology and innovation to transition into one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-output LED lights, with their most popular and diverse LED lamp being the 4438; a 96,000 lm “plug-and-play” lamp with output capabilities in excess of 200,000 lm when used in sync-mode. We highlighted the 4438 lamp in a March 2021 post that can be found here: #ProductSpotlight – IES 4438 LED Lamp – EUROAMERICA (euroamerica-llc.com). In addition to the 4438, IES has miniature, ruggedized LED lights commonly used for onboard or small area applications. The 4420A, 4421A, 4422A, and 4423A each put out a minimum of 12,000 lm and benefit from modular designs to increase output capabilities to >96,000 lm. If you’re working with climate chambers, IES offers a unique, in-chamber LED head capable of withstanding temperatures from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F): the 4432D offers 48,000 lm with possible illumination angles of 27°, 35°, 60°, and 120°.

Specialty Equipment: While sensors and LED lights are at the core of IES’ business, they are driven by innovation and often develop unique products to fulfill an industry need. For electric vehicle testing, IES has developed the 1121 high voltage probe and the 1125 isolation logger according to FMVSS 305. For delayed ignition of airbag squibs, IES offers the 3400A and 3401A units. And for velocity measurement, the 2201e, 2204e, and 2206e are all suitable options for a variety of applications.

Camera Integration: by utilizing some of the aforementioned solutions in conjunction with the FalCon Extra +ImagerControl software, a customer can use any mixture of manufacturer/model high-speed cameras and control all of them with one software. This allows for introducing new cameras to a customer’s fleet without the need for additional software and controllers. The 4416 controller even allows for the connection of up to 20 LED lights, again eliminating the need for separate controllers for different cameras and lights. The following combination of solutions allows for this unique and advantageous situation:

– FalCon Extra software with the ImagerControl module
– Any manufacturer/model high-speed camera supported by the FalCon software
– IES 4416 controller
– Harmonized cables to connect different cameras to 4416

For more information on IES and their solutions, please visit IES – EUROAMERICA (euroamerica-llc.com) or contact Austin Kelly, General Manager, at austin.kelly@euroamerica-llc.com or +1 (937) 407-7572.


Established in 2013 and based out of Rushsylvania, Ohio, EUROAMERICA specializes in the consultation, sale, integration, and service of cutting-edge technology for test and measurement solutions. We have formed strategic partnerships with leaders in their industry, allowing direct access to the most advanced technology across the world, but with the advantage of local support. EUROAMERICA is proud to offer a broad product portfolio that includes state-of-the-art technology for high-speed cameras, LED lighting solutions, force measurement sensors, software and analysis, and full-scale test fixtures for crash, sled, and ATD’s.