#SupplierSpotlight – Week 4 | April 14, 2021

Our week 4 #SupplierSpotlight focuses on our partner for high-speed camera control and image analysis software, FalCon GmbH. With over 30-years of experience and professional competence, FalCon offers a comprehensive package of software as well as the ability to accomplish customized solutions and consulting.

The foundation for the FalCon solutions start with the FalCon eXtra High-Speed Video Software, providing users with several functions, including but not limited to: set up and control of high-speed cameras, reprocessing of images, display AVI’s and measurement graphs synchronously, merge and compare multiple image sequences, marker tracking, geometric feature measurement, and much more. With eight available modules, FalCon eXtra covers the whole range of tasks in impact testing while supporting all available standards. The modules, and their functions, are as follows:

  1. ImagerControl – Camera control & readout, AVI creation, QuickLook AVI’s, ISO-MME support, load-balancing of multiple processing clients, remote control options
  2. QuickView – Camera control (ImagerControl Basic), image optimization, AVI creation, compression, post-processing, viewer for AVI and measurement data, standard file formats (MME, ISO, DIAdem)
  3. FrameMerge– Comparative views: cross fading of AVI’s
  4. MovXact – Analysis of image sequences: 2D measurements and tracking, marker types: MXT, DOT, QUAD, COR, PIX, space and time calibration, output of results into overlay or diagram

  5. Mov3D – Extension for 3D analysis: photogrammetic triangulation based on multi-camera views
  6. Mov6D – Extension for 6D analysis: motion of rigid objects by means of one single camera
  7. MovBag – Analysis of airbag image sequences: automatic measurement of contour graphs, evaluation of specific measurement values
  8. CamFolder – Image analysis software: calibrate cameras and measure distortions (ISO), folder file with camera/lens combinations

One of the common challenges in high-speed imaging test environments is the use of multiple cameras from different manufacturers, and the subsequent need for controllers and software specific to each camera manufacturer. With the FalCon eXtra High-Speed Video Software, ImagerControl module, and IES 4416 Controller, the user can effectively and efficiently control all cameras using one system. Yes, you read that correctly – with FalCon software and the IES controller, the user can control nearly any high-speed camera available on the market today. This solution is already being utilized in several facilities across the world and provides tremendous advantages to the user.

For more information on FalCon and their software solutions, please visit FalCon – EUROAMERICA (euroamerica-llc.com) and FalCon – Home, or contact Austin Kelly, General Manager, at austin.kelly@euroamerica-llc.com or +1 (937) 407-7572.


Established in 2013 and based out of Rushsylvania, Ohio, EUROAMERICA specializes in the consultation, sale, integration, and service of cutting-edge technology for test and measurement solutions. We have formed strategic partnerships with leaders in their industry, allowing direct access to the most advanced technology across the world, but with the advantage of local support. EUROAMERICA is proud to offer a broad product portfolio that includes state-of-the-art technology for high speed cameras, LED lighting solutions, force measurement sensors, software and analysis, and full scale test fixtures for crash, sled, and ATD’s.