#SupplierSpotlight – Week 2 | February 2, 2021

Week 2 of our #SupplierSpotlight Series takes a look at our dummy technology partner, ATD-LabTech; an independent supplier of testing systems, as well as a service and consulting provider regarding all issues of crash test dummies. They unite many years of experience in the areas of dummy technology, dummy testing systems, crash measurement technologies, and special machine construction. An innovative company, ATD-LabTech’s dummy testing equipment revolutionizes the way we qualify test dummies and collect data from dummy transducers and data acquisition systems.

ATD-LabTech has designed, installed, and commissioned several complete dummy lab systems across the world, including at the Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Proving Ground in Chelsea, Michigan. The fully-integrated dummy lab system consists of three test stands, the Pendulum-Drop-Compression (PDC), the Impact-Test-Stand (ITS), and the Flex-Test-Stand (FTS). With these three test stands, the user can qualify all common test dummies available today, including but not limited to the Hybrid-III family, EuroSID, SID-IIs, Q-Dummies, THOR, and WorldSID. The dummy lab system also features an automated 4-axis CNC table that creates high flexibility in relation to the scope of all dummy types and the diverse testing scenarios. Arguably the greatest feature of the ATD-LabTech system is that it’s compatible with all common data acquisition systems, including DTS, Kistler, mg-sensor, National Instruments, and Messring. This compatibility extends to in-dummy-DAS systems as well – meaning the system creates a plug-and-play solution for dummies that feature in-dummy-DAS, requiring no addition data acquisition, power supply, ethernet, or trigger for these systems.

In addition to the dummy lab systems and the fixtures to accompany the equipment, ATD-LabTech has also designed and produced an improved mechanical displacement measurement device for the Q-dummies, WorldSID, and THOR crash test dummies. The S-Track was designed to be more user-friendly, robust, accurate, repeatable, and reproducible than the common alternative. Engineered as an absolute distance measurement system, the S-Track produces a linear signal without additional calculations required while matching all specifications for use in crash test dummies. The S-Track can be integrated with ATD-LabTech designed 2D and 3D brackets but is also compatible to alternative 2D and 3D brackets.

While the S-Track only requires a simple linear calibration which can be accomplished with existing equipment, ATD-LabTech has designed and produced a multi-dimensional calibration system (MDT+) that offers the capability to calibrate multi-axis displacement sensors in the X, Y, and Z axes in an automated process. In order to achieve the Z-axis, the MDT+ must be used in parallel with the Multidimension Test System (MD), which is based on the drop/compression module of the PDC Test System. With available extensions, it is possible to carry out force and torque calibrations, in addition to the multi-dimensional displacement calibrations.

With decades of experience in dummy testing and technology, machine building, and problem solving, ATD-LabTech has experienced many of the challenges that managers, engineers, and technicians have faced – understanding the importance of user-friendly, cost-effective, and high-quality, efficient solutions. For this, they have introduced the Dummy Connector Panel – DCP 3.2.0 – as an upgrade to any dummy lab data acquisition system for measuring data channels from a dummy with in-dummy-DAS. The data recorder is connected to a dummy with DTI, DTS, or nxt32 dummy via the DCP 3.2.0. The three interfaces are synchronized via a common test bench trigger signal with two additional trigger outputs as available options. With this, connection and data acquisition of complete crash test dummies by plug-and-play is possible – no longer requiring separate data acquisition, power supply, ethernet connection, or triggers for acquiring qualification data for a dummy with in-dummy-DAS.

For more information on ATD-LabTech and their solutions, please visit ATD Lab Tech – EUROAMERICA (euroamerica-llc.com) or contact Austin Kelly, General Manager, at austin.kelly@euroamerica-llc.com or (937) 407-7572.


Established in 2013 and based out of Rushsylvania, Ohio, EUROAMERICA specializes in the consultation, sale, integration, and service of cutting-edge technology for test and measurement solutions. We have formed strategic partnerships with leaders in their industry, allowing direct access to the most advanced technology across the world, but with the advantage of local support. EUROAMERICA is proud to offer a broad product portfolio that includes state-of-the-art technology for high speed cameras, LED lighting solutions, force measurement sensors, software and analysis, and full scale test fixtures for crash, sled, and ATD’s.