#SupplierSpotlight – Week 1 | January 26, 2021

To kick off our #SupplierSpotlight Series, we focus on our partner from Spain, Additium Technologies, an engineering company formed by professionals with more than 20 years of direct experience in design, production, commissioning, and support of custom made test systems for automotive, aerospace, railway, and technology industries. They are specifically focused in the automotive market with solutions for Full Scale Crash Test Facilities, E-Launchers (Pedestrian Protection & Component Test), Crash Simulation Systems, Electrical SBA and other component level test rigs. They have recently introduced the new E-Launcher, based on linear motors technology, the new E-SBA, based on servo-electrical actuators, and the new Nano-Rail for crash test facilities.

Across the world, the Additium team has designed and commissioned (23+) crash test facilities, (14+) crash simulation sleds, (36+) launchers for pedestrian and interior testing, and (57+) testing rigs for component testing. This includes an ongoing project for designing and commissioning a full-scale car-to-car crash test facility for one of the world’s largest vehicle OEM’s.

From their first project in 1996 to ongoing projects in 2021, the Additium team has extensive experience in: Electro-Mechanical design, Control and Automation, Servo control of drives (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic,…), Instrumentation and Data Acquisition, Special Civil Works definition, and integration of third-party technologies.

Additium’s Multi E-Launcher has been designed for pedestrian, misuse, and component impact testing. The system includes a state-of-the-art E-launcher, controlled by electrical linear motors technology. Advantages for the user include: better control of impact velocity, higher repeatability, lower acceleration during the propulsion to protect impact curves from high force peaks, clean and maintenance free, silent operation, compact design, and no need for pre-tests. The Multi E-Launcher has a maximum velocity of 60 km/h with a maximum propelled mass of 130 kg (guided) and 50 kg (free flight).

The Quasi-Static Loading Systems by Additium include the Seat Belt Anchorages (SBA) Test System, the Head Restraint Performances (HRP) Test Rig, and the Roof Crush and Side Intrusion (RCSI) Test Rig. These test systems offer precise, programmable load rate control; an easy-to-use control system with user-friendly software, high resolution and accuracy, low maintenance, and several optional features. A key optional feature to the SBA Test System is the Ultra-Light High Resistance Chains (Tycan®). These chains are made of 100% Dyneema high resistance fiber, providing several advantages over traditional steel chains.

Additium consists of passionate professionals that strive to add the value of experience and know-how to face even the most demanding test system requirements. The cooperation between Additium and EUROAMERICA is proud to bring these world-class test and measurement solutions to North American users.

For more information on Additium and their solutions, please visit Additium – EUROAMERICA (euroamerica-llc.com) or contact Austin Kelly, General Manager, at austin.kelly@euroamerica-llc.com or (937) 407-7572.

Established in 2013 and based out of Rushsylvania, Ohio,  EUROAMERICA specializes in consultation, sale, integration, and service of cutting-edge technology for test  and measurement solutions. We have formed strategic partnerships with leaders in their industry, allowing direct access to the most advanced technology across the world, but with the advantage of local support. EUROAMERICA is proud to offer a broad product portfolio that includes state-of-the-art technology for high speed cameras, LED lighting solutions, force measurement sensors, software and analysis, and full scale test fixtures for crash, sled, and ATD’s.