#SupplierSpotlight – Week 3 | February 16, 2021

Our week 3 #SupplierSpotlight takes a detailed look at Boxboro Systems. Founded in 2003, Boxboro specializes in test and measurement products for applications where traditional methods are inadequate. The founders and key employees at Boxboro have an average of 20 years of experience in engineering and business in the automotive safety, wind power, aeronautical, and software industries. For EUROAMERICA, our primary focus for Boxboro is the RibEye Multi-point Deflection Measurement Systems – a non-contact deflection measurement system that can be used to measure rib deformation in anthropomorphic test devices (crash dummies).

Primarily used in automotive crash test dummies to measure displacement of the entire ribcage in two and three dimensions at very high speed without compromising biofidelity; the RibEye patented electro-optical products can also be used for other applications involving deformation, including automobile bumpers, roof crush, or seat pans. For crash test dummy applications, the RibEye system is available for the Hybrid-III 50th Percentile Male, Hybrid-III 5th Percentile Female, WorldSID-50th Percentile Male, and WorldSID-5th Percentile Female. Each solution offers a sample rate of 10 kHz and while the Hybrid-III dummy systems are available with 12 LED’s, measuring in 2-axes, the WorldSID dummy systems offer 18 LED’s and measure in 3-axes.

Since its inception, the RibEye system has been highly vetted and evaluated by global regulatory agencies, independent research facilities, OEM’s, and tier 1 suppliers. These evaluations have resulted in several technical papers available to the public, which can be found at: Boxboro Systems.

Today, the most common application of the RibEye system is for the WorldSID-50th Percentile Male and WorldSID-5th Percentile Female crash test dummies. Indications would suggest that when the WorldSID-50th Percentile Male is added to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and/or the NHTSA New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) Update, it will include details specific to the use of the RibEye system for measuring thorax and shoulder displacement in the dummy. These indications were strengthened in October of 2020 when EUROAMERICA received a contract from NHTSA’s Vehicle Research and Test Center (VRTC) to supply an additional five WorldSID-50th RibEye systems for their fleet of dummies.

Advantages to using the RibEye system in the WorldSID-50th Percentile Male dummy include, but are not limited to:

  • 18 points of multi-axis (X, Y, Z) measurement @ 10 kHz sample rate, capturing linear and oblique loads
  • Non-contact: no mechanical linkages between spine and ribs
  • Mounts to existing holes in spine and ribs – no modifications to dummy necessary
  • Interfaces with existing data acquisition systems: open protocol for RibEye operation by DAS software
  • Meets ISO 6487-2000 and SAE J211 specifications

For more information on Boxboro and the RibEye system, please visit Boxboro Systems – EUROAMERICA (euroamerica-llc.com) and Boxboro Systems, or contact Austin Kelly, General Manager, at austin.kelly@euroamerica-llc.com or (937) 407-7572.


Established in 2013 and based out of Rushsylvania, Ohio, EUROAMERICA specializes in the consultation, sale, integration, and service of cutting-edge technology for test and measurement solutions. We have formed strategic partnerships with leaders in their industry, allowing direct access to the most advanced technology across the world, but with the advantage of local support. EUROAMERICA is proud to offer a broad product portfolio that includes state-of-the-art technology for high speed cameras, LED lighting solutions, force measurement sensors, software and analysis, and full scale test fixtures for crash, sled, and ATD’s.