IAT Stamp IT Plus

Software for conversion, pre and post processing of photo and movie sequences from high speed cameras

Displaying time information, company logos, covers and text commentaries in the digital film data
Image processing and format conversion
Juxtaposing two film sequences *
Automate workflows by batch processing (Batch mode)
Generating and inputting the descriptor information for the ISO-MME compliant storage
Generation and specification of the ISO MME descriptor information
Batch processing for film production

Product Features

  • Overlays of time information, company information, hided areas and text comments in digital movie data
  • Image processing and format conversion
  • Trim, align, mirroring and side-by-side view of up to two movies
  • Batch mode for efficient execution of time-consuming tasks
  • Creation and input of descriptor information for ISO-MME conform storing (ISO13499)

System Requirements