FalCon Quickview

FalCon QuickView provides both, quick creation of image sequence files, as well as convenient viewing with the use of a sequence and measurement data viewer. It also supports Ethernet control of high-speed video cameras. With FalCon QuickView, the camera preparation, image download and image processing functions can be automated as much as possible.

For more info, view datasheet.

Key Features

  • Control high-speed cameras and download images with ImagerControl Basic
  • Optimize sequence pictures (white balance, gamma, contrast, sharpening, saturation …)
  • Create and compress AVI files (multi AVIs with one mouse click!)
  • Insert texts, time values and own logos in AVIs
  • Playback AVIs in extensive modes (selectable size and speed, continuous replay or control via slider…)
  • Get an overview by a film strip and copy pictures or diagrams into the clipboard
  • Display measurement channels in flexible diagrams
  • Synchronize AVI files and measurement graphs via master panel
  • Convert AVIs or single images into different file formats applying post-processing
  • PictureView: Viewer for picture series and videos incl. navigation tree, thumbnails, print templates and file format conversion
  • Movie steadiness control Tracking-Plugin (MovXact is required)

File Formats

Technical Framework