Falcon Image Control

FalCon Imager Control allows the control and readout of all modern digital high-speed video cameras. It includes image editing, image optimization, distortion correction and AVI Generation.

Key Features

  • Cameras from PCO, NAC, Photron, IDT, Vision Research, AOS, Olympus and Weinberger are supported
  • Unrestricted mixed-mode operation is possible without losing the features of a given manufacturer
  • Consistent multitasking utilizes the full capacity of multi-core computers and saves time compared to single-CPU systems.
  • Optionally an uncompressed film sequence will be created with rapid image optimization only.
  • While the user looks at the QuickLook sequence, the final and definitive AVIs are being created in the background.
  • Distortion correction may be performed immediately.
  • Auto download starts automatically after read initiation and AVI generation.
  • Automatic AVI reduction (option “Clients”) for creation of AVIs with smaller resolution
  • Support of logical names for the automatic created files of the reduced AVIs

Main Features

File Formats