CrashView – Software to replay videos and measurement graphs

Software for visualization and composition of videos, pictures and measurement channel data. CrashView enables the Side-by-Side display of several data sources and formats. It also synchronizes playback of videos and data cursors. CrashView offers a flexible multi-window interface that allows comparison of data and video between different tests. The window setup with all settings and data can be saved as a configuration, exported for presentation purpose with a license free viewer variant or exported to a video containing all open views.  CrashView allows parallel visualization of videos, ISO channel data and results from Numerical Simulation (MADYMO 3D).

Key Features

  • Parallel display of video and measurement channel data for time synchronous playback
  • Video module with layer techniques in each video window:
    • Transparency and colorization for each layer
    • Translation, rotation and scaling for each layer
    • Text comment function
  • Diagramming Module with:
    • Several switchable compositions in each diagram window
    • Storage of compositions
    • Signal filtering (CFC60..CFC1000, FIR100)
    • 2 Y-axes for each diagram with free or automatic scaling
    • Generation of resultant and Total Moments
    • Value-cursor
    • Zoom- and pan function
    • Text comment function
    • Import of DIAdem data and MADYMO time histories
  • Export of view to video or storage with royalty free viewer version

System Requirements