Additium Technologies, S.L.

Alcorcon, Spain

Additium Technologies is a young company formed by a highly experienced team that provides custom made test systems for the Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, and Technology industries. From full scale crash test facilities and sled test facilities to the E-Launcher designed for pedestrian and component impact testing; Additium’s technology offers many advantages to the user.

ATD-LabTech GmbH

Niedernberg, Germany

ATD-LabTech GmbH is an independent deliverer of testing systems, as well as a service and consulting provider regarding all issues of crash test dummies; uniting experience in the area of dummy technology, dummy testing systems, crash measurement technologies and special machine construction. Their DummyLab technology revolutionizes the process of ATD certification and development through highly accurate, reproduce-able, user friendly solutions.

Boxboro Systems

Boxborough, MA

Boxboro Systems specializes in test and measurement products for applications where traditional methods are inadequate. The RibEyeTM electro-optical products are used in automotive crash test dummies to measure deformation of the entire ribcage in two and three dimensions at very high speed without compromising biofidelity. The DTMSTM products measure three-dimensional deflection and twist in large structures.


Grafelfing, Germany

FalCon is an innovative Bavarian company with expertise in the fields of high-speed imaging and measurement data acquisition, transmission, and management; offering a number of hardware and software products. The FalCon team possesses more than 30 years of experience in metrology while promoting the international standardization of data interfaces through active participation in working groups.


Berlin, Germany

For more than 25 years, IAT has provided first class services to your development projects through their knowledge, experience and visions. Their highest target is a frank and fair manner of cooperation. IAT’s software product line includes but is not limited to: Evaluation PC/NCAP, ISOVerter (Plus), CrashView, PicToMME, and EVAluation Calib.


Braunshweig, Germany

Led by Dr. Ulrich Bahr, the primary focus of IES is on electronics development and the construction of special equipment commonly used in safety testing. IES offers a range of solutions; from the tilt sensor and angular rate sensor to LED lighting, angular rate sensors, and data loggers. IES prides themselves on designing and manufacturing customizable solutions to meet customer needs.


Erkelenz, Germany

Founded in 1981, KÜTTNER HuDe specializes in the development and implementation of equipment utilized in component level testing of airbags, inflators, ignitors, ejection mitigation, and free motion modules. Their airbag testing laboratory solutions are equipped with the latest technology for new test standards, allowing different test stations to be controlled separately. The KÜTTNER HuDe Interfacer is currently being used in more than 160 independent testing laboratories.

Mg-sensor GmbH

Rheinmuenster, Germany

Mg-Sensor GmbH specializes in sensors for measuring force, torque, and angular velocity. To this end, they develop and sell innovative precision products for a wide range of market requirements with their experienced staff.  They deliver customized sensor solutions, individual developments and clear values – a valuable basis for a long-lasting and fair business relationship.


Kelheim, Germany

PCO has three decades of technical know-how and expert knowledge in the development and manufacturing of high-performing camera systems. In-house competence of all significant technical disciplines and partnering with leading image sensors manufacturers ensures cutting edge sCMOS, CMOS, and CCD technology for all PCO cameras.

TE Connectivity

Detroit, MI

For more than 75 years, TE Connectivity has partnered with customers to produce highly engineering connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible. Their focus on reliability and durability, commitment to progress, and unmatched range of product portfolio enables companies to turn ideas into technology than can transform how the world works and lives tomorrow.