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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is taking the necessary steps to introduce the Test device for Human Occupant Restraint (THOR) 50th Percentile Male ATD into Title 49, Part 572 of the Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards No. 208, Occupant Crash Protection.

NHTSA recently posted RIN 2127-AM20 to amend Title 49, Part 572 of the CFR “by adding design and performance specifications for a new test dummy known as the THOR-50M” and RIN 2127-AM21 to “incorporate the THOR-50M (THOR), a new 50th percentile male anthropomorphic test device (ATD), into FMVSS No. 208, “Occupant Crash Protection”, for use in compliance testing at the manufacturers’ option.”

Including the THOR-50M into the CFR and a test procedure will introduce the “Occupant Safety” industry to the first of many planned Advanced ATD solutions; slowly transitioning away from the outdated Hybrid-III Family of ATD’s.

The THOR-50M would be the first ATD into the CFR and FMVSS standards with the capability of recording over 180 channels of data and boasts an increased biofidelity compared to it’s predecessor, the H3-50M; providing users the chance to collect more data that better represents the injuries a human could experience as the result of a car crash.

We, at EUROAMERICA have taken the necessary steps to put ourselves in a position to offer a variety of products and services to support our customers as they look to add the THOR-50M to their dummy fleet or increase their capacity with their current THOR-50M. Through our partnerships, we offer the following products for the THOR-50M ATD:

Displacement Sensors, 2D & 3D Brackets, Load Cells, Accelerometers, Tilt Sensors and Qualification Equipment & Software.

We also offer the following THOR-50M related services:

ATD Qualification, Sensor Calibration and integration with complimentary shipping within 150 miles; Training and Fleet Management with maintenance.

While the THOR-50M can be a challenging device for the user, EUROAMERICA is here to lend our full support and we will work tirelessly to ensure you have a smooth transition to Advanced ATD’s.

For more information, contact Austin Kelly at austin.kelly@euroamerica-llc.com or (937) 407-7572.

ATD-LabTech S-Track’s in the THOR-50M Thorax
mg-sensor Model N6ALD11A THOR-50M Upper Neck Load Cell