High Speed Video Cameras

High-speed cameras offer best light sensitivity with lea ding image and color quality for your applications

pco.dimax CS

pco.dimax S/HS

Video recording tools

Some tools that allow you to have an integrated test system with more and better analysis. Complementary equipment to acquire more accurate and complete data.

IES 4911 – Camera Synchronometer

IES 3200 – Roll Over Horizon

Camera Cables

Onboard and offboard camera cables (for almost any camera model in the market) They are used in a wide variety of applications and industries to interconnect components, sub-systems, and equipment

Camera Junction Boxes

Camera protected by that carry electrical current. The use of unions eliminates the need to run a cable from each outlet or return to the main service panel.

IES 4416 – Onboard Controller for Cameras & Lights

IES 4738 – Onboard Camera Junction Box

IES 0087 – Wall mounted Camera Junction Box

IES 0104 – Mobile Camera Junction Box