IES 0104 - Wall Mobile Camera Juction BoxMobile and versatile camera junction box built into a ruggedized aluminium suitcase for connection of up to six cameras. The cameras are supplied with 24 V and are interconnected through a GigE switch with two uplink connectors RJ-45 provided. A trigger signal is distributed from a BNC input connector. Integrated SYNC generator with user friendly display of sync frequency and an additional sync input for synchronisation with other external equipment.

  • Supports up to 6 high speed video cameras
  • Almost any common high speed camera available in the market can be connected. Including PCO, IDT, NAC, Vision Research, Photron, AOS, etc.
  • Mix and match operation with different camera models from different manufacturers
  • Provides camera communication, sync, trigger and power supply
  • 2x RJ45 Ethernet ports •Ruggedized aluminum suitcase
  • Integrated sync generator with display
Dimensions 40 x 35 x 11 cm³
Weight 6.3 kg
Temperature range 0 … 50°C
Electric Interface
Power input 100-240 VAC
Camera Supply 24 V DC, 1000 W
Trigger input Opto-isolated universal input for closing switch contacts or voltage (active low)
Ethernet GigE, 8 ports