Camera Junction Box for onboard and offboard operation of four high speed cameras in crash test environments

  • Supports up to 6 high speed video cameras
  • Almost any common high speed camera available in the market can be connected. Including PCO, IDT, NAC, Vision Research, Photron, AOS, etc.
  • Mix and match operation with different camera models from different manufacturers
  • Provides camera communication, sync, trigger and power supply
  • Typically used inside a wall mounted cabinet
Dimensions 205 x 125 x 40mm³
Weight receiver 1.2 kg
Temperature range 0 … 50°C
Humidity non condensing
Acceleration 200 g all directions
Electric Interface
Supply voltaje 24 V
Current consumption 200 mA plus camera power
Trigger input Isolated closing contact
Pinout of PW connector Socket: Lemo EGG. 1B.306. Plug for cable: Lemo FGG.1B.306
Image Sensor
Ping Signal
1 + 24 V
2 +24 V
5 + Armed
6 + Armed