Falcon Image Control – Software to control cameras from different manufacturers

  • As Add-on to Falcon QuickView
  • Mix and match operation of different camera models from different manufacturers, including PCO, IDT, NAC, Vision Research, Photron, AOS, Weinberger, etc.
Main features
ImagerControl Basic Control of all camera types of 1 producer in unrestricted mixed-mode operation
Automatic download of raw data and creation of AVIs (serial)
Settings of camera parameters for each camera single or for all cameras
Readout of images for different time possible
Generation of templates with different cameras/-settings for reuse for other tests
SnapShot-Mode: Start-, T0- and End-Image
Function „Smoothing“ = noise suppression
Overview of all cameras with settings
Automatic saving in ISO-MME format
Integrated raw data viewer: Screening of data immediately after the download
Execution of distortion correction (CamFolder-file is needed)
File management: copy/delete/save of films/images in destination file
Camera templates
Main features
ImagerControl Professional Control of all camera types of diverse producers in unrestricted mixed-mode operation
Automatic download of raw data and creation of AVIs (parallel)
Consequent multitasking on each computer use multi-CPU
Online-histogram to check exposure-time
Creation of an uncompressed film sequence with rapid image optimization only; Creation of the final and definitive AVI in the background
Online-sharp tool
Online movie steadiness control = anti-shake (“MovXact” or “AntiShake” is needed) for reducing of jitter
Register of demands for name of camera perspectiv
Imager Templates for creation of test-defaults with overview of camera positions
Automatically AVI reduction (option “Slaves”) for creation of AVIs with smaller resolution
Support of logical names for the automatic created files of the reduced AVIs
Crash light control (LED models of company IES)
Mobile setup of cameras via remote desktop
Export Entire data structure acc. to ISO MME 13499 with MII (Moving Image Information)
Image sequences in file format AVI, WMV and TIF
File formats
Sequence pictures Raw image data of camera manufacturers BAY/TP2, BLD/SPV10/VIS, CIN, MCF, HSV and RAW 1, 2, 3 as well as standard file formats BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, EMF, WMF
Measurement channels ISO, DIAdem, PIAS, ASCII tables