Software for processing and post-processing of image and image film sequences from high-speed cameras

  • Displaying time information, company logos, covers and text commentaries in the digital film data
  • Image processing and format conversion
  • Juxtaposing two film sequences *
  • Automate workflows by batch processing (Batch mode)
  • Generating and inputting the descriptor information for the ISO-MME compliant storage
  • Generation and specification of the ISO MME descriptor information
  • Batch processing for film production
Product Features
Data formats for import and export
image series TIFF file (TIF, TIFF)
JPEG image file (JPG, JPEG)
Bayer file (BAY) **
Bitmaps (BMP)
Metadata (WMF / EMF) **
Video AVI files (AVI) - all installed Codec formats (e.g., MPEG4)
Image editing Logo, text, cover *, arrow * and time fade
Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, RGB, Hue, Saturation
White balance (2 methods)
Sharpening, edge enhancing, blurring, and effects
Rotate, scale, and crop
Tilting, mirroring
Combine two sequences in one view *
System Requirements
Processor Intel Pentium / AMD from 1GHz
256MB memory (512MB recommended)
15MB free hard disk space
MS Windows® 2000 / XP