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    High Speed Video Cameras, Hubs and Software
    Onboard Cameras for sled and crash testing
    Cameras for static Airbag or Belt Pretensioner Testing
    Resolutions up to 2016 x 2016 pixels
    Hight Light Sensitivity and Low Noise
    Superior Image Quality
    On and offboard Camera Hubs
    Software to control Cameras from multiple Manufacturers
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    LED Lighting Systems
    Small and ultra-bright onboard LED Heads
    Onboard LED Hubs which function as Camera Hub as well
    Continuous and in-sync Operation with High Speed Video Cameras
    Overhead LED Lighting Systems for Sled and Crash Testing
    Self-contained LED Head for static Airbag Testing
    Easy setup through hard wiring
    Internal Power Source to reduce Power Supply Requirements
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    Sensors, Data Loggers and Squib Firing Boxes
    All common Dummy Load Cells
    S-Track Sensor to measure Rip Displacement
    RibEye System for optical measurement of Rip Displacement
    Tilt Sensor for Dummy Positioning
    Seat Belt Force & Displacement Measurement
    Current clamps to measure Squib Firing Current and Time
    Laser Trap for Speed Measurement
    Angular Rate Sensors
    Specialty Sensor for Crash Testing
    Data Loggers for Electric Vehicles
    Squib Timer for Airbag & Belt Pretensioner Firing
    Data Analysis Software
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    Dummy and Load Cell Certification Labs and Services
    Complete Dummy Certification Laboratory
    Load Cell Calibration Equipment
    Dummy Certification Services
    Load Cell Calibration Services
    Accelerometer Calibration Services


Innovative Solutions for the Transportation Safety Industry & Research

High Speed Video Cameras, Hubs & Software

LED Lighting Systems

Sensors, Data Loggers and Data Analysis Software

Dummy Certification Labs

Dummy & Sensor Calibration Services

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